top 10 benefits of massage

Top 10 benefits of massage therapy

Massage is a method that our ancestors discovered and summarized in the long-term practice of using various techniques to act on human skin, muscles, and related acupuncture points to relieve fatigue, relieve pain. After years of development and Continuous improvement has formed an effective method system. The author believes that in general, Top 10 benefits of massage therapy:

1. It is helpful to relieve anxiety and depression. Research and practice have shown that massage can increase the level of cortisone in the body, reduce blood pressure, and increase the level of serotonin and dopamine.

2. Pain relief: It is worth noting that 80% of Americans have severe back pain and other various pains. According to statistics in 2011, massage can help control pain, reduce or even eliminate pain, and reduce muscle tension and improve Physical conditions.

3. Improve sleeping. Many Studies and operations have confirmed that massage can improve various insomnia and poor sleep quality conditions to varying degrees because massage can increase the DELTA wave, which is related to deep sleep.

4. Increase immunity: Many studies and practices have shown that massage can improve the body’s own immunity and increase the function of WBC.

5. We know that many women are irritable, nervous and anxious before and during menstruation. Research data shows that massage is very helpful in reducing premenstrual syndrome and mood swings.

6. Massage is also very effective in increasing concentration and improving the speed of brain response.

7. In the treatment of reducing headaches and migraines, massage has also been clinically tested to have good results.

8. In addition, massage can also protect the skin, maintain the elasticity of the muscles, in order to achieve the purpose of beauty, and promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

9. In the face of cancer patients, massage can play a role in reducing pain, improving symptoms, and prolonging life. This is the conclusion drawn after a lot of research and practical tests.

10. Massage does not have the pain of taking medicine or the fear of acupuncture. It is easy to be accepted and is a safe and effective treatment method.

Massage makes people feel very relaxed and comfortable. Many people like to go for a massage. But it should be noted that although massage has many benefits, be careful of these massage misunderstandings.

Massage methods have been favored and sought after by many people. Appropriate massage is beneficial to promote blood circulation throughout the body and relieve physical discomfort. However, there will be big misunderstandings for people who need Massage. These misunderstandings must be eliminated in time. Recognize the correct method of massage.

What are the misunderstandings of massage?

1. The Stronger of strength, the better

Some people think that the pain during the massage shows that the effect is achieved. Therefore, the masseur with heavy techniques will be selected during the massage. Pain or tingling occurs during the massage. They think that this is normal. In fact, this is a kind of the Wrong idea. Massage is not as painful as possible. Massage requires proper strength. Only proper massage techniques and strength can achieve a stimulating effect. Excessive strength will not be meaningful for the treatment, but will also cause muscle damage and subcutaneous. Congestion, in severe cases, may cause fractures and damage to internal organs.

2. Higher frequency Massage is better

Some people think that the Higher frequency Massage is better. This is a misunderstanding. If the nerves are repeatedly stimulated over a long period of time, they are prone to fatigue, weakening the ability of meridian regulation, and excessively frequent stimulation of the body for a long time. It will reduce the body’s sensitivity, weaken the body’s tolerance, and affect the health care and treatment effects. For treatment, do a massage once a day or two days; for health care, do a massage once a week.

In fact, the Massage frequency is not as long as possible. It should be selected according to the patient’s own meridian tolerance. We cannot massage for a long time, because we have a certain tolerance to external stimuli. If it is over-stimulated, it will be counterproductive and easy to correct Damage to soft tissues, ligaments and joints. In addition, excessive massage can also cause nerve tension or inhibition, thereby eliminating the body’s vitality and resistance.

3. The soles of the feet can be massaged casually

There are more than 60 reflection areas on our feet. Ears, noses, eyes, stomach, spleen, liver, heart, kidneys, etc. will have corresponding reflection areas on the feet. If massage is performed properly and with proper strength, it will help stimulate The reflection area relieves physical discomfort. But if the massage technique is improper, it will be harmful to the body.

4. Massage as soon as it hurts

The most common misunderstanding is to go to the hospital for a massage immediately if the body is painful. I always think that massage can eliminate the pain earlier. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. During the acute attack of pain, especially for patients with red and swollen local tissues, Do not receive massage, otherwise, it will aggravate the condition and lead to prolonged pain.

Other benefits of Massage therapy

1. Massage can reduce the pain caused by exercise

Massage can relieve inflammation of skeletal muscles damaged during exercise. Massage can relieve muscle inflammation, which is often the source of soreness after exercise. The effect of massage is similar to that of anti-inflammatory drugs, and the swelling can gradually disappear.

2. Massage can make you look younger

Massage can stimulate blood circulation, which is why gentle massage and kneading can make your face look healthier and rosy. Massage can restore fullness to sagging skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, promote cell detoxification, and absorb more nutrients to inject vitality into your body.